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Made in Europe

FSSC 22000 certification
of the Food Safety System

If you’ve landed here on your search for Spirulina, you will be pleased to discover how PHYCOMANIA’s 10K offers much more. Combined with its bioactive super-ingredient Phycocyanin, you experience a higher level of well-being. For years, Spirulina has been known for its incredible health benefits. But what many fail to realize is that the heart of its power lies in a specific element: Phycocyanin. At PHYCOMANIA, we’ve focused on this element to create our flagship product; 10K. Here’s why this substance is essential and how it can transform your health and well-being.

Phycocyanin is a cyan blue pigment protein found in spirulina, responsible for its unique blue-green color. It's a powerful energy catalyst that enables the growth of spirulina. In its native form, bound to water, phycocyanin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent known for its numerous health benefits. When spirulina is dehydrated, phycocyanin completely loses its energy and potential.

To maximize the potential of Spirulina. When you consume dehydrated spirulina available in the market, it’s important to know that you're only accessing a fraction of its total potential. Imagine this as enjoying only 20% of spirulina's benefits. In contrast, when spirulina is freshly harvested and consumed immediately, still rich in water and its liquid cyan blue heart rich in bioactive Phycocyanin, its potential is at its peak. This is exactly where PHYCOMANIA's 10K makes a difference. By consuming our liquid Phycocyanin, extracted from pure and preserved spirulina, you access over 80% of the potential of fresh spirulina. This means a much richer experience of benefits for your health and well-being. Additionally, formulated in Switzerland, the Phycocyanin concentration of 10K, at 10,000 mg per liter, is guaranteed for 24 months, ensuring consistent quality and effectiveness of the product. With PHYCOMANIA, you access spirulina that surpasses usual standards, offering you a superior source of vitality and well-being.

Did you know?

Today, many spirulina consumers are rightfully concerned about air pollution that can negatively affect the quality of spirulina. At PHYCOMANIA, we take these concerns seriously. Our spirulina is cultivated under optimal conditions, with pure mountain water and a controlled and protected environment to ensure the purity and quality, far from industrial and environmental contaminations, allowing us to maintain the superior quality and purity of our product.

It's our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers that drives us to adopt these rigorous measures, ensuring that each dose of our spirulina offers the purest and most effective benefits.


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Are you looking to significantly
improve your well-being?

The 10K naturally boosts your recovery.

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The 10K is your daily ally for more energy and vitality.

Want a stronger
immune system?

The 10K helps to fortify your natural defenses.