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What is

How does Phycocyanine act on the body?

Everyone knows Spirulina. NASA selected it as the mega food for astronauts. This blue alga contributed to the Great Oxidation Event of the planet 2.1 billion years ago; but it is phycocyanin, naturally present in its cells, which gives it its remarkable and rare properties.

100% natural, phycocyanin is acclaimed by high-level athletes for its many virtues. In short, it is a triple turbo for the body.

In liquid form, phycocyanin, a cyan blue pigment, is an ultra-powerful protein that is 100% water soluble and 100% bioavailable. This means it is easily, quickly and effortlessly absorbed by the body.

It offers a multitude of benefits, starting with better oxygenation of the body. In fact, phycocyanin directly and instantaneously passes on its energy potential and properties to cells, especially blood cells, by boosting their oxygen transfer capacity.

In nature, to our knowledge, phycocyanin, which comes from the sun’s light, is certainly the most powerful catalyst of bioenergy that can assimilated by the body.


In traditional Chinese medicine, and in particular in herbal pharmacopoeia, each formula supports a vital function of the body or a specific organ… and, depending on how it is combined with other substances, it targets a specific part of the body, which is why it is used as a supplement in balms and ointments, etc., depending on the desired action.

Our Chinese pharmacopoeia experts believe that the use of phycocyanin on its own or combined with other plants, massively boosts the formulas, while harmonising the whole; and, if we apply phycocyanin externally as well, to the skin and joints, we considerably accelerate the desired recovery.

Application >>> Phycocyanin, combined with your usual nutritional supplements considerably increases their assimilation, and harmonises the desires effects.

Many scientific studies have reported the numerous potential benefits of phycocyanin.
We have documented them for you

Studies on Phycocyanin

The therapeutic applications of C-Phycocyanin


Diabetes - Preventive effect of phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis on alloxan-injured mice


Antidiabetic potential of Phycocyanin: Effects on KKAy mice


Phycocyanin: Anti-inflammatory effect and mechanism


The Inhibitory Effect of Phycocyanin Peptide on Pulmonary Fibrosis In Vitro


C-Phycocyanin prevents acute myocardial infarction-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and cardiac damage


mouse colitis via Phycocyanobilin-dependent antioxidant and anti-inflflammatory protection of the intestinal epithelial barrier


The protective effect of C-Phycocyanin in male mouse reproductive system


C-Phycocyanin-derived Phycocyanobilin as a Potential Nutraceutical Approach for Major Neurodegenerative Disorders and COVID19 induced Damage to the Nervous System


Phycocyanin Ameliorates Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer by Regulating the Gut Microbiota and the IL-17 Signaling Pathway


Non-conventional octameric structure of C-phycocyanin