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Prevent physical disorders and pollution, feel your body becoming harmonised and purified day after day, as you regain your vital force.




Imagine enjoying the world's most powerful 100% natural energy catalyst.

Nature provides 100% biocompatible phycocyanin, which fully supports your vital energy during exertion and recovery. We have concentrated it for you:

Exceptional oxygenation of your body both during your active phase and during your rest phase (sleep).

If we think about it, it is our level of energy and vitality that we want to boost as we constantly search for a balanced diet that is healthy and matches the energy we burn. In fact, wetll-being is the key to it all … but how can we achieve this balance now to attain this sensation that gives us this feeling of fullness and vigour? All day long …

PHYCOMANIA offers you this source of life with: 10K.

Harmonise your vital functions intelligently, in order of priority, in line with the natural needs of your body.