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Mathias Bellino


Vice EnduroGP World Champion

  • Vice World Champion E2
  • Vice Champion of France E2
  • Scratch winner of the A4DE (Australian 4 Days of Enduro)
  • Enduro Elite E3 World Champion
  • World Champion Team Trophy at ISDE
  • 3rd in the French Enduro Elite E3 Championship (Injury)
  • 2014: 4th in the E3 World Championship (Injury: Ruptured cruciate ligament)
  • Junior World Team Champion at the ISDE
  • Vice champion of France E3
  • 5th in the E3 world championship (ligamentoplasty injury of the wrist)
  • Junior Enduro World Champion
  • French Junior Enduro Champion
  • Junior World Team Champion at the ISDE
  • Junior World Team Champion at the ISDE
  • Vice French junior champion
  • 4th in the world junior enduro
  • Vice champion of France Elite MX1
  • Points scored in the MX1 World Championship
  • 2009: 12th in the EMX2 European Championship – Injury
  • 2008: French Junior Motocross Champion
  • 2007: Third in the French Junior Championship
  • 2006: 4th in the French Junior Motocross Championship
  • 2005: Sabbatical year
  • 2004: 
  • 4th in the French Cadet Motocross Championship
  • League Champion (Languedoc Roussillon) Minime/Cadet
  • Winner of the regional cup in 85cc
  • 2003: Vice Champion of France Educational Minivert 85


The Rhinblue allows me to give myself a boost during my hard training sessions, and also to surpass myself during my competitions.

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